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Graduate Courses

I have credited the following graduate courses for my graduate school during August 2006 to December 2007 in HBCSE.


The term papers and the seminars that I have given are also provided.

Semester I [August 2006 - December 2006]


Introduction to Cognitive Science [4 credits]

Instructors: K. Subramaninam

                     Sugra Chunawala

                     Nagarjuna G.

                     Jayashree Ramadas


Perspectives on Science Education [4 credits]

Instructor: S. C. Agarkar


Introduction to Vygotsky [2 credits]

Instructor: Beena Choksy


 Philosophy of Science and Technology [4 credits]

Instructor: Nagarjuna G.

                  Chitra Natarajan


Semester II [January 2007 - June 2007]


Educational Research And Statistics [4 credits]

Instructors: H . C. Pradhan

                   Sugra Chunawala


Introduction to Mathematics Education [4 credits]

Instructor: K. Subramaniam

In this course I made two presentations, one on a Chapter of Liping Ma's book on multi-digit multiplication and other on Chapter on Mathematical Modelling from Gowers Very Short Introduction to Mathematics.


You Can find the presentations below.


Liping Ma - Multidigit Multiplication

Mathematical Modeling


The term paper was on historical development of concept of Zero.

Complete paper [PDF].


Science Technology and Society [2 credits]

Instructors: Bakhtavar Mahajan

                    Chitra Natrajan


Causation and Explanation

Instructors: Stathis Psillos

                     Nagarjuna G.


Semester III [August 2007 - December 2007]


Sociology of Education [4 credits]

Instructor: Sugra Chunalwala


During this course I made three presentations. Two of the presentations were on eminent sociologists Charles H. Cooley and Herbert Spencer. The final presentation was on a book by Krishna Kumar titled Prejudice and Pride.

You can find the presentations below:


Charles Cooley

Herbert Spencer

Pride and Prejudice


Foundation Course in Science [4 credits]

Instructors: Vijay Singh

                     Savita Ladge

                     Rekha Vartak


Course (Field Work): Mathematical Literacy And Situated Social Knowledge: A survey in personal finance [4 credits]

Instructor: K. Subramaniam


In this study we explore the idea of mathematical literacy with particular  regard to one of its components : understanding of and ability to deal with per-sonal finance. The broad definition of mathematical literacy involves apart from the mathematical skills, an understanding of the relevant situations and connecting knowledge with the situations. We relate this aspect of mathematical  literacy to the situated social knowledge. The problem of situated social knowledge becomes more acute in case of financial transactions that people do. We focus in particular on the sections of personal banking and credit cards. In this survey we have probed a sample of adults with varied educational backgrounds for their understanding of the financial terms and processes. We present our findings and discuss their implications.



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