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Other Interests

Along with the interests listed above, I have lot of others...

Listing a few of them below...




I have a Royal Enfield Standard 350 named WindWolf. I like to go on bike rides.






I am an attested bibliophile ;)

I have over 2500 books in my collection on various subjects, but mainly physics, mathematics and philosophy.




I like to photograph mostly nature and abstract entities. 

I have a Canon Powershot S2IS, Canon N500 SLR, Sony Alpha 350 DSLR.

I secured second prize in a photography competetion conducted by Gaffarbhai and sons for my photo, Qutb reflections.





I like the art of cooking for the creative freedom that it gives to the cook...


Digital Art


I occasionally do digital art. In 2008 I designed the newsletter Paw Prints for the International Biology Olympiad  held at HBCSE, Mumbai.

Recently I designed a poster for the event to mark Darwin's 200th Birthday at HBCSE, TIFR.


I also write occasionally on my blog:

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