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M Sc Project [2005]

Project: A study of moire phenomena and Glass patterns.

Guide: A. G. Banpurkar


Whenever two or more periodic structures such as gratings, screens etc. are superimposed  

on each other, they generate a new visible pattern that does not exist in any of the original 

 structures, this pattern is known as moir´e pattern. The moir´e phenomenon is well known in 

physics and in everyday life. 


The moir´e effect between the periodic structures is also periodic and extends throughout 

the superposition, on the contrary in the Glass patterns the structure is not aperiodic, and is 

 concentrated about a certain point in superposition and it gradually fades out and disappears 

as we go further away from this point. 



You can find the full report here.


VSRP at NCRA [May-June 2002]

Project: Data fitting program for data from GMRT.

Guide: V Kulkarni


B Sc Project [2001]

Project: A feasibility study of fabricating Charge Coupled Devices [CCDs] in Pune University.

Guide: R. N. Karekar

       R. V. Dabhade


Summer School at Department of Physics, University of Pune. [2000]

Project: Fabrication of inter digital capacitor.

Guide: R C Aiyar

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