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epiSTEME-1 Review Papers


Ramadas J. and Chunawala S. (Eds.) The epiSTEME Reviews Vol. 1, Research Trends in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, Mumbai: Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, 2006. [PDF]



Unit 1: Basic Cognitive Sciences


Layers in the Fabric of Mind: A Critical Review of Cognitive Ontogeny [Abstract]

G. Nagarjuna

The Challenge of Knowledge Soup [Abstract]

John F. Sowa


Language and Cognition [Abstract]

Probal Dasgupta


Unit 2: Science, Technology and Mathematics Education


Trends in Science Education Research [Abstract]

David Treagust


Trends in Mathematics Education Research: The Example of Algebra Education [Abstract]

Kaye Stacey


Trends in Technology Education Research [Abstract]

Marc J. de Vries


The Impact of Idealist and Relativist Philosophies of Science on Contemporary Science Education Research [Abstract]

 Michael R. Matthews



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