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epiSTEME - 2 Review Papers


Choksi, B. and Natarajan, C. (Eds.) The epiSTEME Reviews Vol. 2, Research Trends in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, New Delhi: Macmillan India, 2007.




Strand 1: History and Philosophy of STM


What is causation? [Abstract]

Stathis Psillos


Philosophy of science and its implications for science and mathematics education [Abstract]

Sundar Sarukkai


Linguistic knowledge and multilinguality [Abstract]

Rajendra Singh


Teachers' understanding of the nature of science [Abstract]

Paul Webb


Gender inequities in science education: Contributions from recent socio-cultural research in science education [Abstract]

Nancy Brickhouse


Strand 2: Cognitive Bases of STM Learning


Visual-spatial modes in science learning [Abstract]

Jayashree Ramadas


Communicating with diagrams and gestures [Abstract]

Barbara Tversky


Mind's eye in action: Its implication in school education [Abstract]

Uday Athavankar



Strand 3: STM Curriculum and its Transaction


Developing scientific and technological literacy through community projects [Abstract]

Leonie Rennie


Models of progression in learning technology [Abstract]

Alister Jones


Project e-scape: A web-based approach to design and technology learning and assessment [Abstract]

Richard Kimbell


Changes in purpose, content and format: Trends in assessment in mathematics education [Abstract]

Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen


Professional development of mathematics educators [Abstract]

Orit Zaslavsky and Irit Peled



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