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Ankush Gupta



Designation: READER


Students find careers in science, and chemistry in particular, unappealing because it is considered to be a difficult and memory-based subject and at the end of education it doesn't provide many career options. Chemistry and its gifts to the world are also considered to be one of the prime causes of environmental pollution and degradation. Part of the problem is that the chemistry educational curricula, particularly in Indian contexts, have become disconnected from the real life contexts and its relationship to the environment. My interests are in understanding and bringing the relevance of concepts and information that is taught under the umbrella of chemistry and related subjects to the education process through:

1) study material for students and teachers
2) the nature of questions that are asked in routine examinations as well as competitive examinations such as Olympiads
3) highlighting the role of field studies and observations in learning the concepts such that this education becomes a tool in supporting a sustainable society and a meaningful career for an individual.


Areas of interest:
1. Making chemistry education relevant to a student
2. Scientific understanding of phenomena in nature and environment
3. Environmental Education

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