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Technical Reports

Sr. No.     Title
Authors                  Year

1 Building Capacity in Teacher Education
Interim Project Report (November 2011 ­­ October 2012)

K. Subramaniam,
Meena Kharatmal,
Minakshi Bhattacharya,
Jayashree Ramadas

October 2012
2 Science Education for Diversity -- India Country Report
Beena Choksi,
Sugra Chunawala,
Chitra Natarajan
October 2011
3 Science Education for Diversity­ WP2 Synthesis Report Beena Choksi,
Sugra Chunawala,
Chitra Natarajan,
with SED Partners
April 2011
4 Report of the Indian Astronomy Olympiad Programme-2011 Aniket Sule,
Manojendu Chowdhury­Roy,
5 Report of the 8th Astronomy Olympiad Nurture Programme - 2011 Aniket Sule,
Manojendu Chowdhury­Roy,
6 SELF Platform Definition – Navigational Structure and Functional Requirements. Nagarjuna G.,
Meena Kharatmal,
with SELF Partners
7 SELF Platform Development – System Design and Representation and beta release Nagarjuna G.,
Meena Kharatmal,
Bipin Apandkar,
Prasanta Baruah,
with SELF Partners
8 Senior Secondary Physics – Suggested Guidelines for Paper-setting and Evaluation

9 Gender, Science and Schooling – illustrations in science textbooks and students’ and teachers’ ideas related to gender Sugra Chunawala,
Vinisha K.,
Ankita Patel
February 2009
10 A short course on Energy & Environment for middle school students and a study of students' ideas on the topic Saurav Shome and Chitra Natarajan May
11 Understanding T.Y. B.Sc. Experiments using Modified Handout Structure Shirish R. Pathare 2006
12 Health and Environment : Action-based Learning PROTOCOL GUIDE Bhaktaver Mahajan,
Suma Nair
13 Using Posters to Understand Students’ Ideas about Science and Technology Swati Mehrotra,
Ritesh Khunyakari,
Sugra Chunawala,
Chitra Natarajan
February 2003
14 Tracking Gastrointestinal Diseases Surya Prakash
Rao D.
Bakhtaver S. Mahajan

15 Students’ Ideas About Science and Scientists Sugra Chunawala,
Savita Ladage
January 1998
16 Health Education Program
Bakhtaver S. Mahajan,
Sugra Chunawala,
Samata Shitut,
N. D. Deshmukh


March 1996
Tata Talent Search and Nurture (TATSAN) Report (1994-95)


Chitra Natarajan
February 1996
18 Remedial Programme for Secondary Schools in Tribal Region S.C. Agarkar,
V.G. Kulkarni,
V. D. Lale
April 1995
19 Selected Papers of V.G. Kulkarni V.G. Kulkarni
20 Comprehensive Quality Improvement Programme For Primary and Secondary Schools S. C. Agarkar,
V. G. Gambhir,
V. G. Kulkarni
July 1994
21 Science-based Non-formal Education (Project Report) V.G. Kulkarni,
Jayashree Ramadas,
S. P. Ozarkar,
Nandini Bondale,
V. G. Gambhir
March 1991
22 Comprehensive Programme to Improve the Status of Science and Maths Education in the Tribal Regions of the State of Maharashtra


V.G. Kulkarni,
S.C. Agarkar,
V. G. Gambhir
July 1990

Computer Literacy : Methodology for Effective Software Development Anjali Sangvikar,
W. M. Sathe
March 1989
23 “Science Literacy” and Information Diffusion Manjusha Kulkarni,
Arvind Kumar
May 1988
24 The Impact of Science Education on Role Perception of Socio-Economically Deprived First Generation Learners V. G. Kulkarni,
Sugra Chunawala
February 1987
25 Curriculum Development in Core Physics Arvind Kumar September 1986

Talent Search and Nurture Among the Underprivileged V. G. Kulkarni,
S. C. Agarkar
October 1985
26 Non-Formal Science-Based Education
An interim report on R&D , June 1983 to Jan 1984
V.G. Kulkarni,
Jayashree Ramadas,
S.P. Ozarkar,
N. R. Bhat,
B. B. Deshmane
February 1984
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