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  • Haydock, K. “Children Draw Each Other in Celebration of Ambedkar Jayanti 2013”,
  • Haydock, K. “Tota and beehive”, This was one of the video clips used in teaching the process of science to students and teachers, through raising of questions and investigations. On Youtube:
  •  Lale, V. D. 14 Article written in Marathi language (1. Metabolism, 2. Mole, 3. Global 

    warming, 4. Biome, 5. Biopsy, 6. Bioassay, 7. DNA Fingerprinting, 8. Skin, 9. Tooth, 10. Nose, 11. Nitrogen cycle, 12. Nucleic acids 13. Pollination and 14. Osmosis). Kumar Vishwakosh vol2,


  • Mishra, K.K. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray: A scientist and a saint, Patrika Garbhanal, p.15-17, June 2012, Internet Edition 67.
  • Mishra, K. K., Singh, V., Gajbhiye, A., Pandey, P., Chandrakar., S., & Kamble, H. emagazines, e-articles and e-reports in Hindi (
  • Shome, S. (2012). Resource letter - study on force concept. Posted in metastudio on Aug 9, 2012.
  • Shome, S. (2012). Report of the Education Commission 1964-66: Teachers' conditions of work and service. Posted in metastudio on May 7, 2012. Blog posts: Blog posts:




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