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Science—A Human Saga

Illustrated Exhibition on History of Science




The exhibition captures the origins of science, its history, its development upto the modern period.

The major themes of the exhibition are—Great Leaps in Early Period; Science in Ancient Greece,

Ancient China, Ancient India, West Asia; The Scientific Revolution; Science in the 18th, 19th centuries,

Social Sciences, Modern Science. The exhibition is a permanent display at the ground floor foyer of HBCSE

and is open for visitors.


Some of the major objectives of the history of science exhibition are mentioned below:

  • To depict that science as a development process
  • To depict the conceptual changes that have taken place in the history, a process which is considered
       to be seen as a parallel with the conceptual changes that students undergo
  • To depict that science has multicultural origins
  • To demystify science



Gender & Science



The exhibition Gender and Science is a unique permanent exhibition, which critiques gender stereotyping in science while highlighting the role of women in scientific progress. It attempts to explicate the complex concepts, gender and science, and the tenuous relationship between them. The exhibition was prepared with the aim of sensitising students, teachers and laypersons about the role of women in science and technology. It has representation of several women scientists from antiquity to the present, across various domains, thus highlighting the often, invisible participation of women in the task of knowledge generation.


While acknowledging that women seem to have a very limited impact and presence in modern science today, the exhibition traces the historical background, and the reasons for the situation. Various panels were prepared earlier, but this year the number was increased and the nature of the panels was changed from temporary to permanent panels. This involved a considerable amount of creative work along with a lot of routine drudgery.


An exhibition booklet, titled, Gender and Science; an exhibition booklet, was brought out at this time along with a translation in Marathi (December 2003). The booklet presents the details present on the panels along with some additional information on the same. The exhibition was inaugurated on December, 19, 2003, by TIFR Director, Prof. S. Bhattacharya. The exhibition has been visited by many students, teachers and B.Ed., trainee teachers.



Science for Sustainable Development


Exhibition panels titled Science and Technology for Sustainable Living, and A Planet Alive sensitise visitors to the complex issues of human survival and the possible misuse of science and technology.

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