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Laboratory Development

A school laboratory developed by HBCSE for illustrating concepts in science and mathematics forms the core of the Centre's orientation programmes. Visiting teachers contribute to its continual development.


An introductory robotics laboratory is to be a new dimension of this activity. The Integrated School Science and Mathematics Laboratory houses over 100 experiments and activities.


Low-cost laboratory kit

Science education depends critically on a meaningful laboratory programme. Unfortunately, most primary schools and a sizable fraction of secondary schools do not have any laboratory at all. The survey conducted by HBCSE in Maharashtra revealed that very few secondary schools had laboratories equipped with gas, electricity and running water.

HBCSE has developed a kit using material easily available almost anywhere. All the experiments prescribed for primary and upper primary level can be performed using this kit, which can be assembled at a cost of Rs.500/-. The materials in this kit are simple and readily available. With proper training and follow-up programme, teachers not only use the kit effectively, but also contribute to it substantially. A book illustrating how the kit can be used to perform textual and other interesting experiments, has been brought out.

Advanced Laboratories

The olympiads have spurred the development of challenging demonstration and problem solving experiments in physics, chemistry and biology beyond the senior secondary school level. The advanced laboratories are equally effective for senior secondary teacher orientation and summer courses for college students.

Advanced Physics Laboratory


Advanced Chemistry Laboratory

HBCSE's chemistry laboratory is equipped to carry out visible spectrophotometry, potentiometric and pH titrations, quantitative analysis using colorimetric techniques and other advanced experiments.


Advanced Biology Laboratory

The Centre's biology laboratory includes electrophoretic apparatus, binocular microscopes, centrifuges, micropipettes, etc. The thrust of the biology programme is to communicate to students a structure-function and evolutionary perspective of biology.


Multimedia Facility

The multimedia facility developed at the Centre enables in-house production of excellent exhibition, print and audio-visual materials. It has seeded the generation of personnel highly skilled in graphics and multimedia.

Classroom lessons recorded on site are edited by the Centre's personnel in its multimedia laboratory to produce video clips. These augment enrichment and training programmes.


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